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Usually, our portions are big enough to serve two person.

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Aloo Gobi Vegetarian Vegan

Vegan. Fresh cauliflower potatoes & tomatoes in mild spices. Enough for...
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Baingan Patiala Vegetarian Vegan

Vegan. Another regional specialty. Slices of eggplant cooked with cashews...
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Bhindi (Do Piaza) Masala Vegetarian Vegan

Vegan. Fresh okra cooked with onions, garlic and tomatoes. Enough for ...
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Chana Masala Spicy Vegetarian Vegan

Vegan. Spicy chickpeas with potatoes tossed in fresh tomatoes and onions...
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Chole Bhatura Vegetarian

Full meal itself: big bhatura (2 pcs), chole (chickpeas), dahi (plain yogurt),...
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Dahi (Yogurt) Vegetarian

Plain pure homemade yogurt. Contains dairy.
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Dal Makhani Vegetarian

Contain dairy. Black lentil & red kidney beans cooked in various spices...
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Dal Tarka Vegetarian Vegan

Vegan. Yellow lentil tempered with cumin seeds, spices, tomatoes, ginger...
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Kadhai Paneer Vegetarian

Contain dairy. Seasoned cottage cheese cooked with tomato, onion, ginger,...
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Khumb Mattar Paneer Vegetarian

Contain dairy. Cheese, green peas & mushrooms cooked in exotic spices and...
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Malai Kofta Vegetarian

Contain dairy, nuts. Mix vegetable cheese dumplings cooked in a mildly...
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Mix Vegetables Korma Vegetarian

Contain dairy. Garden fresh vegetables cooked in cashew korma sauce. Enough...
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Mix Veggie Curry Vegetarian Vegan

Vegan. Mix vegetables cooked in a traditional tomato-based sauce with an...
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Mixed Raita Vegetarian

Contain dairy. Fresh yogurt mixed with chopped cucumber, carrots and s...
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Palak Aloo Vegetarian Vegan

Vegan. Fresh spinach cooked with potatoes & spices. Enough for two.
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Palak Paneer Vegetarian

Contain dairy. Cubes of homemade cheese smothered with creamy spinach....
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Paneer Butter Masala Vegetarian

Contain dairy. Cheese cooked with chopped peppers/various spices in tomato-based...
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Shahi Paneer Vegetarian

Contain dairy, nuts. Cottage cheese cooked in light tomato-based creamy...
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Veggie Manchurian Spicy Vegetarian Vegan

Vegan. Mixed vegetable dumplings stir-fried in Indo-Chinese sweet & spicy...
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Dal Tarka (Palak)

Dal Tarka (Palak) Vegetarian Vegan

Vegan. Yellow lentil cooked with fresh palak. Enough for two.
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Namskar Veggie Mix

Namskar Veggie Mix Vegetarian

Contain dairy. Various fresh vegetables & cottage cheese cooked with tomato...
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Paneer Makhani

Paneer Makhani Vegetarian

Contain dairy. Homemade cheese cooked in a tomato-based creamy sauce with...
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Veggie Pakora Curry

Veggie Pakora Curry Vegetarian

Mix veggie pakora cooked in tomato/onion-based curry sauce.
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Veggie Vindaloo

Veggie Vindaloo SpicySpicy Vegetarian Vegan

Vegan. Mix vegetables and potatoes cooked in Goan style hot and full of...