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Medium spicy.

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Tandoori Chicken

Contain dairy. Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices and grilled to perfection...


Half (4 pcs)
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Vegetable Samosa Vegan

Vegan. Pastry filled with a melange of potatoes & peas.


2 pcs
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2. Kachumber Salad Vegan

Vegan. Dices of cucumber, onions, carrots, red & green peppers with mild...
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4. Indian Salad Spicy Vegan

Vegan. Indian Dhaba-style green salad. Round cut onions, cucumbers, tomatoes...
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Chaat Papri

Traditional street food, crispy chips mixed with chickpeas, onions, crushed...
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Chicken Tikka (8 pcs)

Contain dairy. Boneless chicken breast cubes marinated in yogurt with traditional...
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Fish Pakora (8 pcs)

Crispy boneless basa fillet pakora. Pakora battered in chickpea mild spicy...
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Onion Bhajia (8 pcs) Vegan

Vegan. Rings of fresh onions pakora. Pakora battered in chickpea mild spicy...
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Paneer Pakora (8 pcs)

Contain dairy. Home-made fresh cottage cheese pakora. Pakora battered in...
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Paneer Tikka (8 pcs)

Contain dairy. Dices of cottage cheese marinated in yogurt, lemon juice...
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Papadum Vegan

Vegan. Made from lightly spicy lentils.
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Tandoori Fish Tikka

Fish marinated with spices in yogurt sauce with spices (mild) baked in...
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Vegetable Pakora (8 pcs) Vegan

Vegan. Thinly sliced assorted vegetable pakora. Pakora battered in chickpea...
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Veggie Samosa Chat

One veggie samosa mixed with chana, chopped onion, yogurt & mint, tamarind...